About the Author

Éva Liptay joined the Department of Egyptian Antiquities of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest in 1991, and she has been Head of the Department since 2006. Her field of research interest includes: funerary art in the Third Intermediate Period, symbolic and semantic meanings in Egytian art, and typology and iconography of Egyptian coffins and related burial equipment.

She published the corpus of Coffins and Coffin Fragments of the Third Intermediate Period in 2011, including objects of the Collection. She regularly publishes studies in the volumes of the Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts as well as in foreign conference publications. Currently she is working on the online publication of stone and bronze sculptures of the Collection.

Éva Liptay was the curator of a number of exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts, for example: Egyptian Renaissance. Archaism and Sense of History in Ancient Egypt (2008; co-curator), Mummies uncovered (2011; co-curator), and the permanent exhibition of the Egyptian Collection (2013). Currently she is preparing a new display of the permanent exhibition of the Collection.