Éva Liptay: Ancient Egyptian Wooden Figures


Female figure from a model group: Female/Divine mourner from a funerary barque


wood, ground layer, paint; heavily worn; missing arms and dowels; traces of white painted headdress and dress


H: 13.8 cm W: 3.1 cm (at the hip) D: 2 cm (at the hip) D: 3 cm (head)


Posture: standing, feet together, body bent slightly forward, extended arms missing
Body: originally painted ochre
Wig/Hair: white headkerchief falling down the back
Face: traces of black and white painted eyes and eyebrows
Dress: long, tight-fitting white dress, supported by one strap over the left shoulder


Funerary furniture/Part of the private burial equipment (Female/Divine mourner from a funerary barque)


First half of Dynasty 12 (based on its closest parallel in Cairo, Egyptian Museum CG 4915)


Unknown ( (however, its closest parallel in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 4915 originates from Saqqara))


Unknown (Purchased from a private collector in 1957 (together with 57.6-E, 57.8-E and 57.9-E))


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Female mourner figures from funerary boats:
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See also some female figures from model granaries:
Berlin, Königliche Museen, 12 (Thebes; Senwosret II-Amenemhat III) (Steindorff 1896, pl. X.2; Tooley 1989, 156)
New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 20.3.12 (Thebes; Amenemhet I)

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